Jennifer Hokel

2nd Degree Reiki Practitoner
Jennifer Hokel

My approach:

I love my craft and am always happy and excited to share my knowledge with clients. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! After you settle in, I invite you to relax and focus on your breath; just being aware of the air entering and exiting your body will help you get the most out of your experience. At the end of the session, I always like to touch base with each client to help them talk about the experience and share with them what they can expect during the next hours and days that follow.

My background:

My mom was a mental health nurse. I remember being a teenager and listening to her talk about the Reiki professional who visited her patients and provided them with so much relief from their pain and anxiety. In fact, she was moved so much she actually took a Level I Reiki class herself. Years later, after falling in love with yoga and metaphysical practices, I was given an opportunity to become a Level II certified Reiki Practitioner. I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back.

My joyful center:

I am invigorated and calmed by nature, and I find joy in teaching my children to be great stewards of our planet. It makes my heart happy to see them take such joy in their job as the earth’s protectors.

My advice to clients:

Take at least 10 minutes during your day to meditate and connect with your current state. It truly can set the tone for your day if you take the time to be present in the “NOW”. You are worth it!